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VUL Summer 2016 Recap

The biggest thing I look forward to each summer is ultimate so when the season ends, it’s somewhat depressing for me. Nevertheless it has always been fun playing and meeting new people every season. In previous years, I’ve warmed up for summer by playing the Spring Hat League, but didn’t play this spring. Instead I worked on my cardio a few times each week in April. By cardio workout, I did only two minutes of jump rope and five minutes of suicides (#HIIT) each time. It doesn’t sound much, but it somehow helped and I felt physically better than in previous years.

For the third summer in a row, I played on two teams:

Butterfingers (Summer Edition)

It’s been too long so I lost count, but I think it’s my sixth season playing with this team? Not gonna lie, this was the most disappointing season in recent memory. Part of it was we won only two games the entire season although we were initially placed in a higher division than the one we registered for. I didn’t organize as many team socials (I’m sorry) and there wasn’t as much activity on our team’s Facebook page as in previous years  😥 This isn’t to say the season was terrible (the only thing terrible about this season was our record and goal differential). It’s just I enjoyed the previous few seasons a lot more than this season.

There are two things I’d personally like to do differently next summer: spend more time playing cup instead of mid and give the ladies more under cuts instead of dump cuts.

I’m one of the faster people on my team and have the stamina to keep up with the demands of playing cup so it only makes sense I play cup instead of my usual position at mid. In a zone defense, cup is the easiest position to play so we usually let the newer players play that role. If the cup makes a mistake, the mids can bail them out. However if the mid makes a mistake, well that’s GG (#YouHadOneJob) which is why ninety percent of the time I’ve played mid.

Most of the time when a female receives a disc, I immediately try to give her a dump cut to receive an easy backwards throw. It looks harmless since everyone receives the disc often, but I recently realized the females (or anyone else) on our team aren’t going to get better if they don’t learn how to fake their mark and throw forward more often. After all I didn’t get to where I was today if all I did whenever I received the disc was throw a backwards dump pass to a handler.


It was my first season playing with this team and despite our record, I consider it a success. Many people were playing this sport for the first time and I’m pleased with how much people have improved despite our team not scheduling any practices and having to learn everything on the fly. Again we barely held team social events which was a bit disappointing although I think a big reason was everyone had completely different schedules.

So I legit handled the majority of the time with my new team (those who’ve played with me should realize that every time I said I’ll handle, I always end up cutting ¯\_()_/¯ ). As such I’ve been hucking a lot more with a moderate degree of success. By success I mean that many times my throws didn’t go to my intended target, but a different teammate still caught the disc so they made me look better than I actually am.

For next summer (I assume there will be a next time), I’d say the priority is to schedule practices. It’s important to understand the fundamentals like pivoting, throwing and marking (#UseTheForce) first. Looking back I should have spent five minutes before each game running drills with the team. Also I’d like to work on improving team defense as well. It’s frustrating when we’re playing person-defense and opposing cutters catch an easy pass for significant yard gain when their mark is nowhere nearby. You hear it all the time in professional sports how important pitching is in the MLB and how defense wins championships in the NBA. Ultimate is no different. At the elite levels, there are very few turnovers so the team that wins is the one whose defensive line can force more turnovers.

The season might have just ended, but I’m already looking forward to what next summer brings. In the meanwhile I might play Fall Turf in October since it’s a bit different from traditional 7 v 7 ultimate. The only thing stopping me is weather (#raincouver), but we’ll see.

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