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I’m Back!

So I randomly logged back on my WordPress account and didn’t realize it’s been over three years since my last blog entry :O

I plan to blog on a somewhat regular basis for the next while even though my life will get a lot more boring once summer ends. I still have some drafts I never got around to posting and can go over my IAM notes for ideas. Let me know if you have topics you’d like me to blog about!

What’s new with my life these past three years?

Short answer is nothing.

Slightly longer answer is I’m still chasing a piece of plastic across the park, dodging two-out draws and building prosperous farms. I’ve been playing billiards (8-ball) and recently learned how to play Magic:the Gathering. Unfortunately I’m still the same height. I still think my growth spurt is coming soon. Oh and I’ve had my first coffee in almost five years just last June.

Word of advice: don’t play Pokemon Go. It’s dangerous and addicting. I hurt my knee from playing that game D:


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