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Personal Mission Statement Draft

This is an initial draft of my personal mission statement. I wanted this entry up asap and will go into further detail later…

I will think before speaking and acting.

I will not procrastinate.

I will be reliable.

I will be humble.

I will solve problems with careful consideration and thought, not with emotions.

I will fix my mistakes and learn from them.

I will not be afraid to try new things and go out of my comfort zone.

I will keep an open mind, but critically analyze new ideas as I encounter them.

I will give my best effort in everything I do and strive to improve in all areas that I value.

I will follow my values and keep my self-respect.

I will demonstrate compassion and integrity to myself and to others.

I will pay attention and respect the feelings of others.

I will support my family, maintain my relationships and keep communications open.

I will take initiative yet work cooperatively with others.

I will do little things for others without expecting anything in return.

I will give others the benefit of the doubt unless it has been removed.

I will remember favours that others have done for me and seek to return them.

I will share my principles with others and inspire them to become better people.

I will make meaningful contributions to society.

I will be sustainable.

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