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A Simple Memory

January 27, 2013 Leave a comment

My dad is always reminding me of the little things I did when I was a child, some of it I still remember, some I have forgotten. He cherishes those memories because they make him happy and proud as a father. Even though the memories centered around me (many of them didn’t even involve my dad), I considered those specific events during my childhood to be trivial. I never understood how a simple memory could have a strong emotional impact on a person such as my dad until recently when I took the time to reflect on a broken friendship (by recent I mean a few months ago, I am pretty slow with updates…).

There is one moment I won’t forget though. I was at a house party and someone brought a bag of cherries for the group. I noticed no one was eating the cherries because they weren’t washed yet. Therefore I decided to wash the cherries myself since other people probably wanted to eat the cherries. Shortly after I begun washing them, my (then) friend came to help me. So for the next five minutes or so, we washed all the cherries, throwing away the ones that weren’t edible and cutting off the damaged parts. While we were washing the cherries, she told me how her mom always yells at her when she washes fruits at home for only herself and not her whole family. We served the cherries to the group afterwards and all of us finished them pretty quickly.

I hadn’t asked for any help nor had I expected any since it was an easy task that wouldn’t even take me ten minutes to do. However I still appreciated the gesture. I’m sure if it was someone else washing the cherries, she would still help that person too.

Fast forward to the present…she and I aren’t friends anymore, but that’s ok. I still don’t fully understand how, but this memory, albeit a simple one, is a big reason why I’m not angry at her for how she has treated me since then. I know she’s still angry every time she sees me. Perhaps the first step to soothing her conscience would be to find her own happy memory involving her and me…

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A Different Kind of Dislocated Shoulder Story

January 7, 2013 Leave a comment

I went to laser tag with several friends last Saturday. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that I’m good at sneaking up on people and surprising them when they try to sneak up on me >:D

Afterwards some of us went rock climbing. Unfortunately Dom accidentally dislocated his shoulder while trying to go up the walls. I was busy climbing up my own wall so I didn’t realize it until five minutes after when I saw him sitting on the ground just ten feet from where I landed. Looking back at the incident, I realized I didn’t take the best course of action which was to make sure Dom left ASAP to the Emergency Department (ED).

This is what should have happened: Dom alerts everyone else the moment he realizes he dislocated his shoulder and finds a chair to rest on as quickly as possible. During that time one person asks a worker for the address to the nearest ED while another rounds up everyone else in the group to figure out who could drive Dom in his car to the ED. The two of them leave immediately after receiving directions while the rest of us gather our stuff/finish our activities then proceed to the ED. As such he should have been in his car on the way to the ED within ten minutes of dislocating his shoulder.

This is what actually happened: Dom alerted others the moment he realized he dislocated his shoulder. I got him to move to a chair immediately after I saw him on the ground so he’d be in a more comfortable position and could rest his arm. Someone went to ask for directions to the nearest ED. After that, we walked around asking others one by one whether they could drive Dom’s car to the hospital (our group was mingling around at the time). Then we decided how to organize the remaining rides (ten people in two cars). Finally our group of twelve left Laserdome and traveled together as a caravan to the ED. Some people were having their own conversations, waiting for the whole group to leave and a couple didn’t even realize about the incident until five minutes before we left. It was almost thirty minutes between the time Dom dislocated his shoulder and when he finally left for the ED.

In the aftermath, Dom got to the ED safely and saw a physician within thirty minutes of arriving. However the nurses had to sedate him since his shoulder was dislocated for a lengthy period of a time that popping it back in would be too painful. The procedure went smoothly and Dom is fine now although what troubles me is he woke up a few minutes after being sedated when it was supposed to leave him unconscious for hours…

Having worked in the ED for a year (I summarized my findings here) I should have recalled even a five minute delay in getting to the ED could mean a thirty minute longer wait time before being seen by a physician. Those who have read my previous entries know the biggest problem I have with myself is many times I stop thinking. I wasn’t thinking much during the incident and didn’t act with any urgency at all. Even though it wasn’t life-threatening, I wasn’t thinking the priority was still to find someone to drive Dom to the ED while the rest of us could take our time to reorganize ourselves. Even though there were twelve people in our group, I don’t consider anyone else at fault, but myself for the delay.

Perhaps if he had arrived earlier, he wouldn’t need to be sedated and thus avoid the inconvenience of being knocked out for several hours (I consider it sheer luck he woke up shortly after), but going over the what ifs isn’t the point. Although we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, I am disappointed with myself how I didn’t take initiative and come up with a better way for our group to handle the situation even if it only meant getting Dom to the ED just twenty minutes earlier.

Yup…I just turned a story centered around an injured friend into one about myself… 😀

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Personal Mission Statement Draft

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment

This is an initial draft of my personal mission statement. I wanted this entry up asap and will go into further detail later…

I will think before speaking and acting.

I will not procrastinate.

I will be reliable.

I will be humble.

I will solve problems with careful consideration and thought, not with emotions.

I will fix my mistakes and learn from them.

I will not be afraid to try new things and go out of my comfort zone.

I will keep an open mind, but critically analyze new ideas as I encounter them.

I will give my best effort in everything I do and strive to improve in all areas that I value.

I will follow my values and keep my self-respect.

I will demonstrate compassion and integrity to myself and to others.

I will pay attention and respect the feelings of others.

I will support my family, maintain my relationships and keep communications open.

I will take initiative yet work cooperatively with others.

I will do little things for others without expecting anything in return.

I will give others the benefit of the doubt unless it has been removed.

I will remember favours that others have done for me and seek to return them.

I will share my principles with others and inspire them to become better people.

I will make meaningful contributions to society.

I will be sustainable.

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