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Three Things I Dislike Most About Myself

October 23, 2012 1 comment

A friend asked me what were the three things that I dislike most about myself. I think it’s a very interesting question because the answer (or lack/refusal of an answer) can tell quite a bit about the person and how he or she thinks of oneself. At that time I couldn’t come up with three things, but after giving it some thought, I finally came up with the three things I dislike most about myself:


I have a hard time accepting no as an answer. There have been many times where people have tried to convey messages through their actions to me. Even though I picked up on those messages, I simply refused to believe them and that has created problems. Ironically stubbornness is the reason why I am proud and grateful to stand with the UBC grads of 2011 instead of 2013 (perhaps I will share that story in a future entry) and why I have the wonderful friends I do now.

Lack of empathy and sympathy

The more correct phrase would be I wish I was more empathetic and sympathetic towards people. I actually enjoy listening to friends rant and vent about their personal problems because it helps me understand them as a person much better. People who have ranted to me probably noticed that I usually just smile and nod without saying much. However many times it’s hard for me to sympathize in those situations because what I’m thinking then is that it’s a trivial matter it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place or that you have the ability to fix the problem so you shouldn’t be complaining about it.  That is probably part of the reason why I give people good advice, but I sound cold-hearted when doing so.

Inability to think

Many times I simply stop thinking (ie my brain apparently just shuts down) so I end up saying and doing a lot of irrational things. This hasn’t caused any major problems in the past, but it is the one thing I dislike most about myself and is my biggest regret.

Yup…other than that, I’m pretty awesome >:D

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