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On Ranting About Public Transit

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

A friend shared a short blurb from the Georgia Straight which I’ve copy and pasted below:

Ever take public transportation in the Lower Mainland? How high does your blood pressure rise when you do? Between people who are unable to wait for passengers to exit the SkyTrain car before they start shoving their way on, the rudeness flowing freely from passengers and drivers alike, and the assholes who insist on drinking and screaming on the 99 B-Line after 6 p.m., it’s a wonder there aren’t more fistfights on buses. And hell hath no fury like transit takers called out on their shitty behaviour.

The link to the blurb is here (you may have to Ctrl + F and search for riding).

In short, yes there are MANY people who don’t understand proper transit etiquette, but I’m not going to focus on them.

I’ve mentioned this already three blog posts ago, but being an educated person means you the power to choose what you want to think. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to several friends rant about people on public transit, but I never say much. However keep in mind that you are going to be frustrated and annoyed every single time someone doesn’t move to the back of the bus or when people don’t line up properly at the stop. Perhaps that can convince you that life is not so short after all.

Going back to the blurb, I can understand why people would lose faith in humanity on public transit. I don’t know if it’s specific in Vancouver only or if this is a global thing, but I’d like to adopt a different perspective: the fact that we don’t start fistfights over trivial matters like these helps me keep my faith in humanity.

On a slightly different, but related topic, I’d like to share this news story 🙂

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