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So I realized a while ago that in order for me to be more convincing in Mafia I need to fake more subtle tells and be less direct when role-claiming if I’m the mafia. Of course in Mafia people are expected to lie a lot so when you claim a role, people’s first instincts will be to doubt you. What I’ve noticed is that people readily believe non-verbal cues they observe more than direct verbal cues.

Case study: One game I pretended to be grandma with the shotgun (granny) when I was the mafia. How that happened was on Day 1, a player asked me if I was the granny. Usually as the mafia, it’s in my best interests to directly say yes I’m the granny, touch me and you’ll die. However what I did was purposely say no hesitantly. I know that person is one of the better people at picking up tells so I did that expecting him to notice my “hesitation”. In his mind, my reaction was oh shit how did he find out I was the granny? Since he believed he picked up that tell from me, he had no reason to doubt me if I stated that I was the granny later during the game. As such I got the real granny lynched off and eventually won that game.

Just wanted to share that 😛

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