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Unlocking Doors with the Right Keys

University education is important (although not necessary) for opening doors of opportunity once you graduate. To open those doors, you need a key. It doesn’t matter if the key is made of gold or copper. The only thing that matters is whether that key can unlock the door. There are many doors to open at UBC and each require a different key.

Let’s take a popular example…..UBC Med!! You can get rejected by the MD admissions committee even with an A+ average. In this case, over the past 4 years, you built yourself a golden key, but it doesn’t fit into the door you want to go through. How useful is that key now? Conversely it’s possible to get into UBC Med with only a B+ average. This key may be made of only copper, but at least it fit. Once you walk through those doors you will be (seen) on equal footing as everyone else who unlocked the same door.

The admissions committee already built a lock that you can see. The good thing is that you have full control on how you want to build your key. The reason why people with 95% averages still get rejected from med is that when they were building their key, they forgot the priority was making sure it can fit in the lock rather than it having to be made of gold. It’s more important to focus on doing the right thing, than to focus on doing things right.

In short…be a man, do the right thing!

Also congratulations to those who recently got accepted to UBC Med!

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