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Tired of Waiting

May 23, 2012 3 comments

I’ve actually been planning to write about this for over a year now, but never got around to doing so…

My biggest pet peeve is waiting and it’s the one thing I will bitch about. I don’t mind if people are only 5-10 minutes late, but when they are habitually over 30 minutes late, then that becomes a big problem. When you make other people wait for you (regardless of the reason), essentially you are disrespecting their time.

There is also a matter of integrity here. When you agree to meet with someone at a designated time, you are making a commitment to show up at that time and it is your responsibility to honour it. During that time, the other party has already agreed to make you a priority when he or she could be doing anything else. Also the effort required to be on time for job interviews is the same as for other appointments so why can’t people show the same diligence for both?

Recently I attended an event where the majority of the people were late. It was scheduled to start at 11, but we didn’t begin until 12:30 because we had to wait for everyone else. This event was created one week in advance so there is no reason why people couldn’t make the little extra effort to plan ahead to be on time. If you want the event to start later, then speak up and we will work out a compromise. Had I expected you to come at 12:30, I would have set the event to be that time, not 11. Also if you know you’re going to be late, then it’s common courtesy to let others know well ahead of time so they can adjust their schedule accordingly. Even though the majority were late to the event, not one of them called to let us know.

A common excuse for tardiness is other people are late so I don’t have to show up on time either. For those who use that excuse, I’m not annoyed at you because you seem to understand that being late is a bad thing. Instead I feel very sad and sorry for you guys. I show up on time despite knowing others will be late because I believe it’s the considerate thing to do. I have my own principles and philosophy I live by and they are based only on what I believe is the right thing to do regardless of everyone else’s actions. Just because you see many people do something doesn’t give you the excuse to do the same thing too.

I wrote this hoping everyone will always make the extra effort to plan ahead and show up on time to future events. There is only one reason why you need to be on time and it isn’t to make me happy (that is irrelevant). It is because you respect other people’s time when they make a commitment to meet with you.

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Unlocking Doors with the Right Keys

May 18, 2012 Leave a comment

University education is important (although not necessary) for opening doors of opportunity once you graduate. To open those doors, you need a key. It doesn’t matter if the key is made of gold or copper. The only thing that matters is whether that key can unlock the door. There are many doors to open at UBC and each require a different key.

Let’s take a popular example…..UBC Med!! You can get rejected by the MD admissions committee even with an A+ average. In this case, over the past 4 years, you built yourself a golden key, but it doesn’t fit into the door you want to go through. How useful is that key now? Conversely it’s possible to get into UBC Med with only a B+ average. This key may be made of only copper, but at least it fit. Once you walk through those doors you will be (seen) on equal footing as everyone else who unlocked the same door.

The admissions committee already built a lock that you can see. The good thing is that you have full control on how you want to build your key. The reason why people with 95% averages still get rejected from med is that when they were building their key, they forgot the priority was making sure it can fit in the lock rather than it having to be made of gold. It’s more important to focus on doing the right thing, than to focus on doing things right.

In short…be a man, do the right thing!

Also congratulations to those who recently got accepted to UBC Med!

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May 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Just wanted to say that I love swimming a lot and everyone should do it more often especially since summer is just around the corner 😛

It’s an excellent exercise to tone your entire body since you’re working all your muscles at once. You’ll get that sexy beach body in no time.

Most importantly for me though, it’s also a way to get a peace of mind whenever I’m feeling down or stressed out. There’s also a sense of serenity since you don’t have to think about anything else unlike other sports and activities.

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