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IKBLC to be opened 24/7?

A few students recently started a petition to keep the IKB Learning Center open 24/7 the entire year. The article is on The Ubyssey.

If you have to pull all-nighters, that probably means you have bad time management (more on that on a future entry) or study skills. My general advice is to study before and after lectures and to rewrite notes in your own words. It also helps to form study groups and create mock midterms. That forces you to review what you believe will actually be on the midterm. Similar to going to job interviews, it is important to be able to anticipate questions that you will get. If you don’t know what material is important that can be tested, then you haven’t really learned anything at all and should get help immediately.

There’s no need to go into detail how detrimental cramming and pulling all-nighters can be on students’ health and performances on exams. UBC’s motto is “Tuum Est” meaning “It’s yours”. I interpret that to mean UBC students are mature enough to make their own decisions and accept the consequences and I see having to pull all-nighters a result of poor choices. For students who live on campus, they can study in their dorms. Students who live off-campus can study in their own homes. I needed to take the last bus from campus at 12 am and that was never a problem with my studies (it did interfere a bit with my social life though, but that’s a different story). Whenever I wrote papers, I did it during the day so I could use library books and I finished the rest of my assignments which didn’t require library resources at home.

According to the article, it will be financially costly to maintain Irving 24/7 although the main focus is that UBC shouldn’t have to accommodate students who make bad decisions. There is a reason why exam schedules and assignment due dates are given at the beginning of courses. As the saying goes, “procrastination is like masturation, at first it feels good, but in the end you’re just fucking yourself”. If this petition somehow passes, then UBC is sending the wrong message saying it is ok to study early in the morning.

I have stayed overnight at UBC only once and that was studying for my very last undergrad exam. It wasn’t a bad experience, but not something I would want to do again. Now that I look back, of the many times I stayed late on campus, only a small fraction was for academic reasons. There are much more enjoyable (and “productive”) activities one could be doing at four in the morning instead of cramming for an exam. You don’t need to be in a library to do them.

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  1. December 7, 2011 at 9:07 am

    I can’t believe they made that petition…

    I agree on your comment about pulling all nighters. People need to learn how to control their time better…

    lols. I can rarely anticipate what’s going to be on an exam XD And I was rarely able to follow your study before/after advice because my classes are usually back to back, with club meetings immediately afterwards… XD

    I agree about sending the wrong message… …I don’t think they should open IBLC 24/7 DX

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